Hybrid Timor sparrows (in English!)

Diskutiere Hybrid Timor sparrows (in English!) im Asiatische Prachtfinken Forum im Bereich Prachtfinken; Hallo, German Finch Lovers! I'm sorry I can't write in Deutsch, but I , begging Your pardon, need Your advice. Some Years ago I bought two pairs...

  1. #1 romango, 16.08.2008

    romango Guest

    Hallo, German Finch Lovers!
    I'm sorry I can't write in Deutsch, but I , begging Your pardon, need Your advice.
    Some Years ago I bought two pairs of Timor sparrows (Lonchura fuscata) from our friend Marco Baumgartner. They actually are three cocks and one hen ! I was able to breed them easily, anyway. Unfortunately , I was so sure these were easy birds, I parted from all the offsprings. The following year I had clear eggs only. I soon realized I was left with three sterile cocks and one good hen. So, I tried crossing the lone hen with a Java cock.
    I had many clear eggs, and, happily, two hybrid hatchlings, which I hand raised. They are two cocks and are now singing a lot. So, this is my question: do You think they could be sterile? If no, which is the best next option? That is : to back-cross them with their mother or give them a Java hen?
    P.S. I couldn't find any actual Timor breeder in Europe (except one in France who has hundreds but don't sell one of his birds !)
    roberto mangani
    from Firenze, Italy.


  2. #2 Tiffani, 17.08.2008

    Tiffani Vögel ohne Lobby

    Dabei seit:
    Wo die Polizei nicht tot über'm Zaun hängen möchte
    Dear Roberto,
    my English is not perfect, so I use the Googel translators!

    I imagine a link that I think with a little luck are you there.

    I hit you the thumbs

    Greetings from Berlin :prima:

    Padda fuscata
  3. #3 Rasti, 18.08.2008
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    Rasti Foren-Guru

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    Bayern - München
    hey, roberto....

    look in your private news for a new adress.......
    Unfortunately it is difficult to breed Timor sparrow. And a hybrid is - competent according to breeders - infertile .
    Over the breeder in Luxembourg Mr. Weyrich : the entire breeding 2007 was stolen completly 8( .

    AND : Timor needs much space to fly - otherwise they will be agressively .

    NO CAGE !!!!!!
  4. #4 romango, 18.08.2008

    romango Guest

    Thank You very much for the link and advices. I know Weyrich (or, better, his site!) from some years, and was shocked to hear what happened to his birds. Today I am going to put nests in my aviaries and cages, so, in a few weeks , I will know if Timor-Java hybrids are fertile ! Unfertile eggs is a big and widespread problem with Timors. I suspect this species has a different breeding behaviour from Javas . (Maybe javas are so easy breeders as they are domesticated from some centuries, while timors are still "wild" birds). I am not at all interested in making hybrids , but as i am left with one only timor hen, I am trying all what I can.
    I will update the forum with my results.....
  5. #5 Munia maja, 23.08.2008
    Munia maja

    Munia maja Foren-Guru

    Dabei seit:
    Hello Roberto,

    I think, the hybrids are fertile, because the parents are very closely related - mostly the male offspring is fertile...
    If you cross back the offspring, you never get back the "pure" Timor again - therefore it doesn´t make any sense to cross the young male with his mother.

    I wish you a good luck - it´s difficult to find Timor sparrows, but sometimes...

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